Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Watched Kettle Never Boils Proverbs Expansion

When we are waiting for anything, we feel that time is passing very slowly. We put a kettle of water on the stove to boil. If we watch it, very often we feel that too much time is taken for boiling. Actually it does not take a long time, but we are in a hurry and so we feel that it is so. Sufficient time is essential for anything to complete. It will be foolish if we expect to achieve anything in a short while. If we want to achieve success in anything, we must possess certain qualities. Earnestness, patience, perseverance, effort and industry are essential qualities. Therefore haste and impatience are hurdles in the way of our success. 

Short Essay on Essay on A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever

Man is attracted by beautiful things. Beauty is a boon given by God to please the mankind. Beauty is the source of joy. “My heart leaps up with joy when I see a rain bow”, says Wordsworth. Poets are attracted by sunrise, sunset, moon and stars. Man enjoys nature, its scenery, sounds etc. Anything beautiful will give joy to us. Beautiful flowers, birds, creatures, songs, paintings, sculptures etc. give us joy. Ajanta caves, Kashmir scenery, the snow covered Himalayas, Kanchipuram saree are beautiful. Man is attracted very much by these beautiful things. Beautiful songs also give us joy. Therefore, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. 

As you Sow So You Reap Proverbs Expansion

Good seeds bring rich harvest and bad seeds give poor harvest. It we sow paddy, we will reap paddy only, not wheat or anything else. The farmer knows that his products depend on labour and the selection of seeds. Wise man say that good deeds fetch fame to a man and sinful conduct will produce evil result. Religion says that evil doers will be punished by God. So man is made responsible for his own destiny. There is no meaning in blaming others for his misfortune. We have to avoid evil ways and take the path of virtue if we want to enjoy everlasting happiness. We must think deeply about this proverb. 

A Short Essay on Art Is Long, Life Is Short

This is a very good proverb. Man’s life is very short when compared to the existence of art. Great art created by man is permanent. It survives for ages. But, the man who made it dies quite earlier. Great temples in India were built by famous kings. But what is the result? The Great kings are no more, but their art lives even today. This saying has got another meaning also. There is much art to be learnt but we have very little time in our life to learn it. Hence we must utilise the available time in a proper way to acquire maximum knowledge possible. So, let us say that art is a huge subject, but human life is very short. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Short Essay on An Idle Mind is the Devil's Workshop

The devil is Supposed to have been doing evil deeds. It uses the brain of men and women for its purpose. An idle man’s brain is easily approachable. Once a brain is influenced by a devil, a person begins to possess evil thoughts and he does bad things. His activity is controlled by the devil. Hence it is essential for a man to engage himself properly in good atmosphere. Such busy men will have a disciplined life. They will do things in a constructive way. Hence we must try to engage the younger generation properly and make them busy in good activities. 

Write a Paragraph on Man is known by the company he keeps

Our elders usually advise us “keep a good company, avoid bad company”. It is true that we judge a man by his company. One who keeps company with a thief will certainly be a thief. A man with good company will have good character and thoughts. Also good friends are a source of pleasure. Even a bad character will be respected if he keeps a good company. It is usually very difficult because a bad man is prone to keep company with another bad man. So when we mold our character, we must do it with the intention of keeping good company. 

Short Essay on Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing

Suppose a man who learns to drive a car poses to be an experienced driver and drives along a busy street, he will certainly meet with accident. When we learn a thing we must learn it well or else we will be in danger. This may be compared to the saying “Half cooked rice will do harm to health.” If we want to taste the source of knowledge we must acquire it deeply. Quackery is another thing. Quack doctors prescribe medicine for diseases. Such quackery often leads to dangers. So we should not attempt to do anything with a little learning as it is dangerous. 

A Short Essay on Adversity is the Touchstone of Character

Adversity means misfortune or misery. Just as the touchstone tests the quality of gold, misfortune tests the real character of man. Character is the inner discipline of a man. The greatness of a man is revealed only when he is in trouble. Job, a rich man lived in the land of ours. He obeyed God even after he had lost all his wealth. Harishchandra had stood  for truth. He sold even his wife, son and himself for truth. That means the real character of a man is revealed by adversity.